The Pence Law Library Proxy Server

The proxy server allows members of the WCL community anywhere in the world to use any of the databases to which we subscribe. When you are asked to login, please use the userid and password you use for

Having Difficulties?

Username/Password is not working

If your username and password do not seem to work, and you are a member of the WCL community (this proxy server only works for WCL students, faculty, and staff), try using the portal ( If you can't successfully login to the portal, the problem is most likely that your login password has expired. Try using the portal to reset your password. If that doesn't work, contact the WCL Office of Technology for assistance (email or telephone 202-274-4021).

If you can login to the portal but not the proxy server, and you are a member of the WCL community, please contact the web team by email at