Topical Research Guide: DC, Maryland, & Virginia Law

DC Legal Sources

Primary Authority


DC Code (Free West version)
DC Code (Free Lexis version)

Government and Legislative Resources

Council of the District of Columbia
Legislative Information Management System

Full text of current and pending legislation.

Agency and Regulatory Authority

District of Columbia Municipal Regulations

Full text of the official regulations from April 2003 to present. Also includes the DC Register and Mayor's Orders. Regulations are also available in print in the Library in Weil's Code of D.C. Municipal Regulations at

District of Columbia Register

The Register updates the DCMR's and is available in full-text free from the D.C. Office of the Secretary. Coverage from April 2003 to present.

D.C. Government, Directory of Agencies and Services

This site provides links to the Office of the Mayor, individual agencies and much more.

The Judiciary


District of Columbia Court of Appeals

Full-text of opinions from August 1998.

District of Columbia Superior Court

Full-text of opinions is not yet available on this website.

United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

Full text of opinions is available from the court at

Opinions for the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

This site is maintained by the Edward Bennett Williams Law Library at Georgetown University Law Center.

Bar Associations & Legal Ethics

District of Columbia Bar Association

The contents of this site include the current disciplinary actions and Ethics Opinions of the DC Bar Association at

Legal Information Institute Site - DC Legal Ethics Materials

DC Gateway Internet Legal Sites

D.C. Legislative Information Management System
Findlaw for the District of Columbia
Legal Information Institute - District of Columbia
Internet Law Library - District of Columbia
American Law Sources Online - DC

Maryland Legal Sources

Primary Authority


Maryland Code (Free Lexis version)
Maryland Code (MD General Assembly)

Government and Legislative Resources

State Government Gateway
Maryland General Assembly

Recently enacted and pending legislation.

Maryland State Archives

Includes historic legislative, constitutional, executive and judicial documents and vital records.

Maryland Manual

Gateway to Maryland government, including agencies and primary legal authority.

Agency and Regulatory Authority

Code of Maryland Administrative Regulations (COMAR)
Maryland Register

(Six most current issues).

The Judiciary


Gateway to all Maryland courts and judicial opinions where available

Bar Associations & Legal Ethics

Maryland Bar Association
Legal Information Institute Site - Maryland Legal Ethics Materials

Maryland Gateway Internet Legal Sites

Findlaw - Maryland
Internet Law Library - Maryland
Legal Information Institute - Maryland
Maryland Public Information Network - SAILOR
Maryland People's Law Library

This site is operated by Maryland's 28 non-profit legal services providers, in partnership with the courts, and is offered as a service to the public.

American Law Sources Online - Maryland

Virginia Legal Sources

Primary Authority


Virginia Code

This is an unofficial version of the code offered by the Virginia General Assembly.

Government and Legislative Resources

State Government Gateway
Virginia General Assembly
Pending Legislation
Virginia State Archives

Located at the Library of Virginia.

Agency and Regulatory Authority

Virginia Administrative Code
Virginia Register of Regulations

The full Text is available from September 14, 1998.

The Judiciary


Virginia Supreme Court
Virginia Court of Appeals
Virginia Circuit Courts

Listed by county; also includes a link to the Case Information System.

General District Courts

Listed by County; also includes a link to the Case Information System.

Bar Associations & Legal Ethics

Virginia State Bar
Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct
Virginia Legal Ethics Opinions Summaries

Site maintained by McGuire Woods attorney Tom Spahn.

Virginia Legal Ethics Opinions
Legal Information Institute Site - Virginia Legal Ethics Materials

Virginia Gateway Internet Legal Sites

Findlaw - Virginia
Legal Information Institute - Virginia
Internet Law Library - Virginia
American Law Sources Online - Virginia